Book Subscription Box

Give the Gift of Reading

Now you can join me, Bentley, Jaxon, Toby, Daisy, and Marty, on our adventures, as we continue to learn more valuable lessons.  No need to worry about missing another book, I will ship it right to your door. 


You can choose from a single monthly plan, 3, 6, or even 12-months.  Each subscription box will contain a book (sometimes 2), coloring & activity sheets (6), stickers, other novelty items plus a surprise.

Every subscription recipient's name will be entered in our monthly draw for gift cards, books, products, and more




Always be Kind.  You never know when a smile can make someone feel better, or when a hug lets them know that everything will be okay.

Together, we will spread some kindness to children around the globe.  Every time I send a book to you, I will send one to a child that has never had a book of their own.  This will put a smile on your face, my face and theirs. 

Subscription Plans

Please note that our books are suitable for ages 4 to 8.
3, 6, and 12-month plans are in Canadian Funds.

Subscription (3).png


A variety of books, coloring pages, activities, and more.

Subscription (4).png

3-Month Subscription

(approx $46.95/month)

Subscription (5).png

6-Month Subscription

(approx. $44.95/month)

Subscription (6).png

12-Month Subscription plus bonus box

(approx $42.95.month)

plus extra Box (save additional $49.95 plus S&H)