Djordje Susa

Djordje Susa 

Digital Marketing Specialist | Data Analyst | eCommerce & Growth Specialist

Stara Pazova, Vojvodina, Serbia 

Djordje Susa holds a law degree as well as a degree from the Faculty of Computer Science, with long acquired practical knowledge in web development and digital marketing. He is highly experienced in all segments of e-commerce, digital marketing strategy, and SEO (online and offline optimization, link building,  & content strategy). His familiarity with WordPress, Elementor Page Builder, and different coding languages, enabled him to become involved in the development of different web design projects and mobile applications. Djordje speaks several languages and believes that practical knowledge in today’s digital age is invaluable for the growth of any organization.  Everything he has gained in life is the result of effort, work, and great sacrifice.  Great trials were contributing factors to his extensive and ongoing learning and professional ethics.  He believes strongly in instilling good values into children at a young age and promotes inclusivity and diversity by means of learning and accepting all cultures.


Michael Reyes "MickeR"  

Illustrator and graphic designer. Graduated from the School of Arts and Letters of Bogotá - Colombia.


His passion for drawing and the plastic arts since he was a child, forged in him his great career as a creative, graphic designer and illustrator.

After finishing his studies, he managed to become a professional illustrator, exhibiting his talent with great success in the most important multinational advertising agencies, brands, publishers, audiovisual production companies and the like.

Many memorable characters and designs have passed through his extensive portfolio, including his own creations and projects.

Today MickeR works independently and is in turn represented as an artist - illustrator by a renowned global agency with main offices in London and NY.

Michael Reyes