Be KIND to Our Environment

We must all do our part - We are all responsible

Meet a wonderful team of talented, and caring individuals that have a common purpose...

to build a brighter, safer, and environmentally friendly tomorrow


Alan James Hesse

Conservation Biologist, Educator, and Author of Educational Comics about the Natural Environment.


(educational comics for middle-grade)

"I care deeply about Nature, and my mind is constantly occupied by what we are doing to it, and to ourselves..."

Asha Alexander

Asha Alexander, Principal and Executive Leader, Climate Change.


“ There is so much more we can do together than we can do alone.”

Kevin Albin

Award-winning Guide, International Mountain and Expedition Leader, Teacher, and Author of Stonechild.


(eco-fiction novel)

Kevin Albin.png

’There’s no them and us, Nature and Humans; we are all part of the same thing and any harm we do is also to ourselves.’