The Power of Inclusion - Celebrating Our Abilities

"My disability does not define who I am"

 Bentley, Jaxon, Toby, Daisy, and Marty all have disabilities/challenges, BUT they have amazing personalities and that is what our new series focuses on.

"The Power of Inclusion - Celebrating our Abilities"  I want children to see that Jaxon the monkey with ADHD is beyond that.  He is mischievous, curious, gets into trouble but is so delightful and really has a great sense of humor (my illustrator really captures his expressions perfectly)  

Toby the timid elephant has diabetes, Daisy the giraffe has autism and loves to bake (hint do I sense a new book) and Marty the lion has alopecia.

Children need to celebrate their abilities! We must empower them by inspiring them to learn more, share more, include more, and care more - about themselves, and others. It is our responsibility to motivate, encourage and educate them.  And who better to lead the way than Bentley Hippo and his friends.

Book #1 - SHARE

Jaxon is in a 'sharing' mood.  Walking through the park, he shares his bananas with everyone he meets. Bonk!  Bentley feels something bounce off his head.  It's a banana, but who threw it?

Jaxon does not know what he did wrong, after all, sharing is caring, so why isn't Bentley happy?

Bentley and Toby decide to teach Jaxon how to properly share, just as Jaxon winds up throwing another.  Can Bentley teach this mischievous little monkey how to share? 


The first book in the NEW 5-book series is filled with beautiful illustrations and facial expressions that will have children (and adults) giggling. 

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The covers vary slightly as they have not been finalized

You will love this new series!