KINDNESS to Each Other

"Kindness and Love are two of the greatest gifts we can share.  If we show kindness every day, then together we can make this a much better world" - Bentley


'KINDNESS to ALL'  Advocate for KIDS

"do you know what an advocate is? that's a big word.  It's a promoter and together we are going to promote kindness"

"Look at all the cool things you will get"

  • 30 different activities with ways to be kind

  • a calendar to keep track of your progress

  • a special task where you will draw a really cool picture and send it to me

  • your very own copy of the special book that we created together 

  • we will donate a book, thanks to you

  • and I will send you a 'mystery gift' that I bought with my own allowance, just for submitting your activities.

We start May 1, 2021, and finish June 15th, 2021 but don't be sad because the next project will be showing 'kindness to animals'

"I hope you're ready to start because I am"

Together we can make a difference

Your very  own book

"And thanks to you, we will be able to put a smile on another child's face when they receive their book"