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"There is also a lesson in the pages about being different and accepting those differences. The best part was that after listening to the book, my little grandson shared his orange with me. He told me just like the monkey shared his food. I highly recommend this book."

"Great lesson for kids The illustrations are bright and cheerful. Teaches children about being kind and caring. I recommend this book to parents, teachers and children."

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"We are big fans of reading, especially books with an inspirational and teaching moment message. There’s always something we’re working on with our daughter: sharing, being kind, never giving up - all those “fun” topics we teach our kids. 
⁣Which is why we love Bentley Hippo"

My kids enjoyed this story and we all liked the overall theme of bullying, and how it was told. It shows how bullies make their victims feel, and how others can be made to join in out of fear. The story had a good ending and the characters were very cute. My kids loved Bentley and the elephant

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"Another delightful addition to the Adventures of Bentley! I am super-excited to read this to my Preschool and JK students! They fell in love with Bentley's first book and now we have another to add to our collection!"