INSPIRING CHILDREN TO BE KIND Book #4 Book Launch April 6th
FREE EBOOK April 7 & 8, 2021

Amazon's algorithms are, well... a little wonky. With millions of published titles, it is hard to be upfront and center and therefore authors rely on reviews to help trigger the algorithms and help our books be found by others.

For this reason, a launch team helps build the hype and helps the visibility of a new book

Bentley's Launch Team 

We would love to have you part of Bentley's Launch Team

  • You will receive a Free (digital copy) of the new book before launch day in exchange for a review on Amazon/Goodreads during the launch week

  • You will be entered into a draw to win signed paperback copies of The Complete Series which includes:

  • Book #1 Inspiring Children to Share

  • Book #2 Inspiring Children to be Kind

  • Book #3 Inspiring Children to Never Give Up

  • Book #4 Inspiring Children to be Patient 

  • Book #5 Inspiring Children to Accept Each Other (scheduled for late summer 2021)

If you are ready ...please JOIN US ...Thank You very much - Hippo Hugs