Inspiring Children to be Kind (digital)

Inspiring Children to be Kind (digital)

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What happens when the bully becomes the victim?
Bentley and his friends are on route to the Annual Fair when there's a fuss at the back of the bus.  Toby the elephant sits quietly as others point fingers, making fun of him, when the bus finally stops, his glasses are taken from him

Spending the day at the fair, Bentley tries to cheer up Toby when  a cry for help is heard in the distance.  
Surprised at who it is, will Bentley and the others help or ignore the sound and keep on searching for Tobys glasses?


Inspiring Children to be Kind, the 2nd book in the 5-book series addresses:

  •  A sensitive and difficult topic for many children
  •  Signs and  types of bullying.
  •  Act of Kindness

And who better to address this topic than the most adorable hippo and friend, Bentley.

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