Inspiring Children to Share (digital)

Inspiring Children to Share (digital)

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An adorable, imaginative hippo dreams of going to the moon! 


Skipping to his own beat, Bentley the hippo is stopped in his trails when he is "clunked" on the head with a banana thrown by Jaxon, a silly monkey.  Jaxon doesn't know how to share or how to be a good friend.

  • Instead of saying hello, he throws bananas!
  • Instead of kindly sharing his food, he throws bananas!
  • Instead of saying goodbye, he throws bananas!

Luckily for Jaxon, Bentley takes the time to teach him a valuable lesson on how to share and what it means to be a true friend.  When Jaxon realizes how good it feels when his new friend, Bentley shares, he can't stop himself from showing kindness and sharing too!

A perfect lesson-in-disguise for children of all ages.

A must-have book for home and classrooms.

Be prepared to fall in love with this bubbly hippo!

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