"My disability does not define who I am"

Authors uniting to bring awareness on important topics often ignored..

There isn't anything more frustrating and cruel than to be discriminated against for being different.  Bullying has become a great concern to many and comes in many forms.  Those that have disabilities have become easy targets.  

"Labeling people and bullying them for being different needs to stop!  We all have a place on this earth and deserve to be treated the same.  When I lost my vision, I saw a huge shift in how others treated me, it was quite disturbing.  The only difference between someone with a disability and without is that we may need a little more help in certain areas; no different than someone needing extra help with homework." -  Argyro Graphy 

FEB 15-24, 2022

Bentley Hippo is kicking off Kindness Week on Feb 15th, 2022 - World Hippo Day.

February 17th - Act of Kindness  our theme is "My disability does not define who I am - celebrating our differences" and Feb 23rd - Pink Shirt Day - Stand Up to Bullying.

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Argyro Graphy

The creator of Bentley Hippo. With the multiple scars that bullying caused her, She was hit with another life-altering trauma that robbed her of her sight in one eye, overnight.  Graphy noticed a huge shift in the behavior of others towards her, which ignited a fire within her. "My disability does not define who I am" she confirmed.  Her author journey thus far has not been an easy one, but her determination propelled her forward to become a multi-award-winning author. 

Bentley Hippo

This bubbly hippo is on a mission to help children celebrate their abilities, accept each other, motivate and inspire them to show kindness and to help stop bullying

Benjamin Giroux


Kirkus Reviews Star Author, the face of National Autism Association's antibullying campaign, and award-winning songwriter.  Benjamin was named Poet Laureate of Plattsburgh, New York.  His Poem I am Odd I am New is written through the eyes of this10-yr old.  This talented young author is a role model and inspiration to many.

Lisa Jacovsky

Lisa works as a Child Development Specialist with Early Intervention. She is able to help children under the age of 3 with cognitive and developmental delays, sometimes with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Working in the field of applied behavior analysis for eight years,  she had inspiration for writing her very first series, Let's Talk!. Her hopes for this series are to simply inspire families and their children to be open to anyone no matter their differences.

Dawn Doig

.A multi-talented, certified audiologist, ESL teacher, and author, Dawn has done extensive travel abroad, Kuwait, Northern Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.  She has authored many books that have been inspired by the children she has worked with as an audiologist and ELL teacher. Over and above this impressive resume, Dawn has kicked off a campaign to raise funds to help build a school in Cameroon for deaf children.  Her hope is to remove them from the poor conditions of a run-down chicken factory and into a proper classroom. 

Michael J. Sullivan

The co-creator of the Lizard Who Loves a Blizzard, Nick Knitley and The SockKids. He has written several children’s books, including a Digimon series book with HarperCollins Publishing. In addition, Michael has written five novels, receiving awards and best-selling status. Michael Sullivan previously advocated for the homeless, drawing off of his own experience of riding the New York City trains at night for one winter.

Shelley Larkin

One of Shelley’s passions is the Destination Imagination (DI) worldwide learning program for kids K-12, where she served as Director in the greater Sacramento area.

Shelley is the co-author of a children’s short story, “The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying”, a nationally distributed book developed in concert with Destination Imagination. This story creates awareness of an important life lesson for children