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A Tale of Redemption, Friendship, and Unleashing Kindness!

Get ready for an unforgettable journey alongside Bentley. In this captivating sequel, from the award-winning, Inspiring Children series, Marty the Lion finds himself caught in the web of peer pressure, giving in to the dark side of bullying. Toby, the timid little elephant, becomes his unfortunate target as fingers point, names are hurled, and even his glasses are taken away.
But wait, there's a twist! Just when you think all hope is lost, Marty himself becomes the victim, and comes to the realization that his actions were wrong. Will Toby, Bentley, and the others lend a helping hand and show Marty the power of kindness? Or will they turn their backs on him?

Be Kind #2 (Digital)

SKU: Book #2 Digital
  • The digital files are not to be shared, split, or distributed.  The purchase terms are for you to download for personal use. All stories and characters are copyright and trademark-protected. ©bentleyhippo2024. BentleyHippo®

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