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Author Resources

So you wanted to be an author! Even before you are published there is so much to learn in this industry that it is so overwhelming.  While this is not your average 'cookie-cutter' industry, there are some resources that I highly recommend that can assist you.  You will find a few tools and resources here that will assist you with your writing abilities, growing your audience, marketing, and becoming a successful author. Some of these recommendations have affiliate links associated with them, meaning, that if you decide to buy after clicking one of them, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This does not alter your purchase price.  The recommendations made are for goods and services that I have personally used and think will be useful to other authors, so you can rest certain about that.  The more resources and tools that I test, them more I can recommend, therefore you may want to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

One of the best resource tools for all authors is Publisher Rocket.  This tool helps you to find categories and keywords on several Amazon marketplaces.  It shows you the number of sales needed to rank in the top 10 and helps you with specific keyword targeting for Amazon Ads.


Delivery Service
Ship Faster, Smarter, and Cheaper with

It’s finally here, what you’ve all been waiting for… Stallion’s new domestic (within Canada) shipping service!…

Stallion is proud to partner with CargoJet and FleetOptics to make this new service possible. 

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