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Kindness Superstars Challenge

30-days of Inspiring Good Deeds in Kids

Bentley Hippo's "Kindness Superstars Challenge," is a 30-day challenge that empowers children to identify and act on opportunities to spread kindness. Through a carefully crafted calendar of activities, participants will not only learn the joy of giving but also develop essential values such as empathy and acceptance of others.

Over 1500 participants to date

"My kids loved the challenge. They baked some cookies and wrapped them in bundles of two.  They colored their thank you cards and gave them to their bus driver thanking him for getting them to school on time and the security guard for keeping them safe.  They continue to  look for ways to be kind.  They can't wait for the next challenge" - M. Singh (mom of 6yr old and 8 yr old)

More Than Just Good Deeds

Each child who completes the challenge will receive a Kindness Certificate, declaring them an official Kindness Superstar. But that's not all – Bentley has a special gift to send to help promote literacy for kids which includes the award-winning Inspiring Children to Share book (value $15)

School Benefits: Promoting Kindness and Growing Libraries

As a partner school, you will also receive complimentary copies of "The Adventures of Bentley Hippo" for your library.  These extra books can be utilized in classrooms to enhance your classroom collection or used at fundraising events, offering a fantastic opportunity to raise additional funds for your school.

How to Get Involved:

Due to the high volume of past participants, we have made a slight adjustment to the terms to help limit the number of emails from individuals and individual purchases.  We kindly ask that the school send out the flyer to parents informing them of the 30-day challenge, collect the funds, and register before the deadline of Feb 10th, 2024. 

The regular price of the Kindness Challenge is

$35 (CAD)  approx $26 (USD)

with a retail value of $55 (CAD) approx  $40 (USD)

* be sure to register before January 31, 2024, to take advantage of the extra Earlybird discount 

*We reserve the right to limit the number of participants at which time the "Registration" link will be deactivated.

Earlybird Discount Code:

KIND-EB (Jan 15-30, 2024)

Discount Code:


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