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Diabetes You Got This!

Bentley Hippo Healthy Kids Academy

Your child has just been diagnosed with diabetes, Now what?

Let's face it,  being diagnosed with anything can be stressful, with a million thoughts racing through your mind especially when it comes to your child.  New rules, new procedures, new daily routines, diets, and meds, and the only thing your child wants to do a child.  Throwing medical terminology at them will only confuse them more.

Sticky notes become your best friend with reminders to make an appointment or ask about something and then one day you come home from work and find that your wall is filled with sticky notes.  Yikes!

It is for this exact reason that Diabetes You Got This was created. 

An essential tool that can eliminate anxiety and stress as you

try to remember to not forget.  A fun tracking journal that is not so


This journal includes activities that will empower your child to learn

about diabetes, develop healthy habits, and participate without feeling

forced to do something they simply do not understand.

Toby elephant with diabetes.png

Meet Toby
(from The Adventures of Bentley Hippo Children's Book Series)


Toby is an adorable little elephant who wears glasses, has diabetes, and loves his sweets.

In the Inspiring Children to be Kind book, Toby is bullied and his glasses are taken from him.

Despite this, Toby has a very positive outlook, and is a favorite amongst children around the globe many can relate to him because of his glasses, or being diabetic (and yes a few because they love sweets too)

Toby brings a sense of comfort to children and encourages children to never give up.

Diabetes Tracking Journal

Helping Children Master Their Diabetes

  • Record blood sugar levels before and after meals

  • List mood changes and feelings

  • Log water intake

  • Stay current with meds (oral/insulin)

  • Document activities and exercise

  • 'Ask the Doctor' section for notes and questions for your next appointment

  • Coloring pages and activities 

  • Positive affirmations and prompts

Coloring Pages     Appointments      Blood Sugar Levels    Checklist     Recipes  

World Diabetes Day 

NOVEMBER 14th Is World Diabetes Day - Theme: Access to Diabetes Care
We will be running a campaign to raise money to print and distribute Toby's Tracking Journal to children around the globe that do not have access to resources.  Details to follow (the more books ordered, the lower the print cost, therefore the more books distributed)

Don't Let Diabetes Get You Down!

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!   This is one gift that will be put to good use.

Available in Paperback and Hardcover


(black and white interior)
ISBN: 978-1-7781401-0-5

(color interior) 
Available on AMAZON and in Bookstores
ISBN: 978-1-7781401-1-2

*This book can be customized to meet your organization's requirements. 

Kids Cord Bracelet Coming Soon.

"Dear Diabetes, I have something to say

My sugars are off but I'm learning each day.

I'm always reminded to always think twice,

Of the choices I make or I will pay the price.

I'm wearing this bracelet because I am strong

And living my life as if nothing is wrong.

So thank you for coming, there's no need to stay

"Cuz I'm in control, now just go away.

...Buzz Off "                                     - A. Graphy

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