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Argyro Graphy

Award-Winning Author & Creator of Bentley the Hippo

Member of SCBWI

Press Kit

Argyro Graphy Award-Winning Children's Author

A proud Canadian and the mastermind behind the Bentley Hippo Book Series, 

Award-winning author Argyro Graphy, is acclaimed globally for her thought-provoking

books for children. The author remains at the forefront to promote the worth of positive

aptitudes among children of all ages, all while instilling the love for reading.

“Teaching kids the significance of inclusivity and diversity right from the start can make them caring individuals towards others. With the Inspiring Children Series, Bentley promotes humbleness among children with an aim to make it second nature,from a young age,” says Graphy.

Hit with a life-altering trauma that robbed her of her sight in one eye, overnight,  Graphy noticed a huge shift in the behavior of others towards her, which ignited a fire within her. "My disability does not define who I am" she confirmed.  Her author journey thus far has not been an easy one, but her determination propelled her forward to become a multi-award-winning author.  While many admire her for her accomplishments, she has also left many speechless. 

Her passion for reading and her flair for writing breathes life into Bentley, creating phenomenal tales designed on the principles of ethical teachings. Each story focuses on engraving the worth of positive values, in the tender hearts of children.  With a diverse group of characters facing their own struggles her hope is to normalize the characters in the eyes of children so that they can grow up to be more accepting of people who face these difficulties every day.  She encourages children to embrace their differences, celebrate their abilities, and not focus on their disabilities.  With Bentley by their side, children will learn to recognize opportunities to spread kindness,  to show gratitude and appreciation daily, while fostering a healthy growth mindset

Serving as a positive role model worldwide,  Bentley the Hippo has been welcomed into schools, libraries, classrooms, homes, and in the hearts of children locally and overseas.  When asked what her plans are for Bentley, she replied "I don't have plans for him, he has plans for me."

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