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NEW CHILDREN'S BOOK:  A heartwarming story written for a 6-year-old who lost his mother, Winston's Forever Blanket is a story of love, loss, and the power of memories.

Winston is a lovable bunny with a very special treasure - his blanket. When Winston's beloved blanket goes missing, panic sets in.

With the help of his caring friends, he embarks on a touching quest to find it. Along the way, Winston opens his heart and shares the tale of how his mother gifted him the magical blanket before watching over him from heaven.

As the story goes on, kids will love how Winston's special blanket is like a real reminder of the strong connection between him and his mom. The book helps kids understand that, just like Winston, they can keep memories close to their hearts and find nice ways to remember and honor the people they miss.

"Winston's Forever Blanket" is a tender reminder that love knows no boundaries, and the memories we hold dear can brighten even the darkest days. This enchanting book inspires children to treasure the love that lives on in their hearts forever.

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