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Holiday Book Donation Event

4th Annual (2024)

The world is experiencing chaos.  Families are struggling to put food on the table, their priorities begin with the hope of a brighter tomorrow.  We believe that every child deserves to receive a gift on Christmas morning and therefore we need your help to donate as many books as possible.  In 2023 we donated 1300 books bringing our total as of Dec 2023 to 6,400 books donated.  This is because of you, our loyal customers, schools and businesses, events, and all those who donated books and/or monetary amounts. 

We are happy with any amount that you can give, $1 or $1000, as it will all go towards purchasing and distributing books.

We are happy to announce a partnership with our printer to help keep printing costs low so that we can print more books.   

The minimum amount of books is listed below, however, the more we print, the less the cost = the more books we can donate.

  • $  50 - we will donate 5 books  (retail value $75)

  • $  75 - we will donate 10 books (retail value $150)

  • $300 - we will donate 50 books (retail value $750)

  • $500 - we will donate 100 books (retail value ($1500)

Thank you for your kindness and generosity

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Thank you for your donation!

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