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Bentley and his Friends

A bubbly hippo with an upbeat positive attitude set out to inspire children and teach important values.  Bentley does not tolerate any form of bullying and celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Bentley promotes the spread of kindness and loves for animals, nature, and the environment. Bentley loves to share, especially his favorite berry ice cream

A curious little monkey that looks up to Bentley and is eager to learn all he can. Jaxon has ADHD but doesn't fully understand it.  His curiosity sometimes gets him into trouble but no matter what kind of mischief he finds himself in, he feels safe knowing Bentley is looking out for him. 

Toby is a very shy elephant that always worries about his friends.  He doesn't like conflict and wants everyone to just get along. He loves his sweets.  Toby intimidates many because of his size, but his big heart proves otherwise. Dealing with his Diabetes, Toby is sometimes overwhelmed but leans on his friends for support

Being teased for her incredible height, Daisy is a quiet young giraffe coping with autism.  Not knowing why she is different, and worrying she might behave inappropriately, she finds comfort in Bentley and the others.  She is a very smart and loving giraffe and at times surprises many with how quickly she can do things. 

Lions usually make loud roaring sounds, but not Marty. He is not an aggressive lion and doesn't like intimidation or confrontations.  He was born with alopecia and was rejected by his family.  He befriended Bentley who taught him about self-love, diversity, and kindness.  Bentley gifted Marty a thick, long mane to help boost his self-confidence. 

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