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What if, during life's greatest challenges, a single act of kindness had the power to ignite a spark of hope? 

In the quiet corridors of a hospital, a brave little girl named Julia gazes out of the window, her expression revealing the challenges she faces, as her spirit is searching for a ray of sunshine.

Does she have the strength to keep fighting?

Bentley and his friends unite as they embark on a mission of unwavering support. With a heart filled with kindness and determination, Bentley delivers letters filled with hope and the warmth of friendship. Even on the toughest days, Julia is reminded that giving up is not an option.

This award-winning story will inspire, uplift, and warm your heart. It is one of unyielding courage, resilience, and a testament to the extraordinary power of hope.

The vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, instill crucial social-emotional values such as the power of friendship, the importance of kindness, and the strength of perseverance. One that introduces young readers to invaluable life lessons. A journey that will forever change the way your child views the world.

Never Give Up #3 (Digital)

SKU: Book #3 Digital
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