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"My name is Bentley. I am not like the other hippos, but that's okay. 

Being different makes us all unique and special. I stand tall and even wear cool red sneakers.

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 Hippo Hugs - Bentley


to Inspire Children around the globe to:

  • do better and be kinder

  • accept our abilities, not focus on disabilities

  • celebrate and embrace our differences

  • recognize and promote diversity & inclusivity

If we are kinder, accept, respect, and help each other, we can all live in a more positive, loving, and united world.  Isn't that what we all want?

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Bentley Hippo, the characters, illustrations, and stories are trademark and copyright protected and cannot be copied, shared, duplicated, or distributed without the prior consent of the respective owners.  All rights reserved ©2021 Bentley Hippo Enterprise Corp (and Argyro Graphy)


Volume 1

Who on earth throws bananas?  As Bentley sets off on his journey he is "clunked" on the head with a banana by a silly monkey who thinks throwing is how to share.

Volume 2

Bullying is not fun and comes in many forms, but what happens when the bully becomes the victim? Bentley and his friends must decide to help or just walk away.

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Volume 3

Bentley and his friends reveal some of their struggles as they come up with a plan to cheer up a little girl stuck in a hospital room.


Alphabet Book

Bentley is heading to outer space, upside down and turned around he will put giggles in your belly and smiles on your face as he teaches this rhyming alphabet in his own way

Special Note: The illustrations were colored by two amazing children (12 yr old with autism and 10 yr old with impaired hearing)

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Available in 7 Languages

Children can start and end each day feeling grateful for all they have. Encourage self-expression and boost their self-confidence with positive affirmations.

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Other Bentley Products

Bentley watches, inspirational coins, bookmarks, coloring and activity books