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HIPPO HOORAY!  I'm glad you chose to visit today.

"Hi, My name is Bentley. I am not like the other hippos, but that's okay. 

Being different makes us all unique and special. I stand tall and even wear cool red sneakers.

Join my Book Club to find out more about me, and my mom (she's the one that keeps writing about me),  Sometimes we just give away stuff.  Really cool stuff like books that feature ME, watches, and keychains...   Hippo Hugs - Bentley


to Inspire Children around the globe to:

 * do better and be kinder

* accept our abilities, not focus on disabilities

* celebrate and embrace our differences

* recognize and promote diversity & inclusivity

If we are kinder, accept, respect, and help each other, we can all live in a more positive, loving, and united world.  Isn't that what we all want?


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5-book series

Bentley Hippo has a dream of going to the moon.  As he sets off on this journey he finds himself having to teach valuable lessons such as how to share, be kind, never give up, be patient, and accept each other.

5-languages - one book

A series of books that help teach children a second and third language.  Starting with the basics: colors and shapes.  This collection will include over 10 titles/themes and will be available in 20+ languages. 

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Children can start their day by finding ways to be grateful for what they have and not dwell on what they don't have.  Daily positive affirmations will help children boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Available in 8 languages.

Kindness Wins Everytime

A big Thank You to Ben Fox, Founder for supporting Bentley and other Indie authors.

Check out my list of Kindness Books here

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