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Helping Children shift from NEGATIVE thinking to a healthy POSITIVE growth mindset


Our inner negative self-talk sometimes gets the best of us and we start to feel unloved, or not worthy; that we don't matter, or that something is wrong with us.  

Positive Affirmations, when repeated and practiced daily can help shift that way of thinking into a healthy and positive growth mindset.  The Positive Affirmations Journal/Notebook features 120 positive mantras to help put you on the right-thinking path.  Used as a daily Notebook the mantras remind us to stop and reflect, or each daily affirmation can be prompt, encouraging kids to write down their beliefs about the statement and see where they need to focus more.Now available in 5 character covers and designs. (note: the mantras of the interior are all the same, except the inner character is that of the cover - Daisy's Positive Affirmations will have Daisy images inside)

Appreciation and Gratitude Journals 

Books to help shift you from negative self-talk to a positive, healthy growth mindset.

YOU CAN DO IT: 30-Day Appreciation & Gratitude Journal & Diary help children to start each day looking for things to be grateful for and not focus on things that they don't have. 

Daily prompts encourage children to focus, observe and think of opportunities and ways to shift their thinking. 

Each day, children will start and end with positive affirmations that they will embed in their minds through repetition.

Journals are available in 8 languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Serbian, and Spanish.   

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