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Some of our Bentley books are now available in other languages including our new Multilingual First Words Collection

Bentley's First Multilingual Words:

Are you raising your child in a multicultural household?


Bentley’s First Multilingual Words is a collection of basic concepts in 5 languages that allow toddlers, preschoolers, and children to learn multiple languages from one book. Each page focuses on a color or shape.

A stimulating book for early learners that promotes child development. Each set of books will feature 5 different languages.


The Importance of Multilingualism in today's society.


Children raised in multicultural households are encouraged to learn different languages.

Culturally diverse children find it easier to embrace and respect others while accepting each as important individuals in our society.


Multiculturalism and Multilingualism allow children to


◆ Communicate with others within their own family.

◆ Develop a diverse group of friends.

◆ Explore other cultures and ethnicities.

◆ Expand their minds and be open to new experiences.


By promoting multilingualism from an early age, children will grow up and be exposed to unique opportunities that may present themselves as a result of this knowledge. A very valuable benefit that will become more apparent and be appreciated in the future.

Bentley"s First Multilingual Words: Colors and Shapes in 5 languages

(English, French, German, Serbian, Spanish) - note: the interiors are all the same.  The difference is the instructions and activities in the respective languages


ONE BOOK - 5 Languages

Each book is identical with the exception of the intro pages and activities in the respective languages.  You only need one book.

This book teaches children about colors and shapes.  As the child grows and advances, the book can be used again by introducing the objects in the book and expanding their vocabulary.

Note: Our books are available on Amazon

Click on the individual cover.  Once we replenish our inventory we will remove the link.

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