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Pay it Forward
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Pay it Forwrd!

Literacy is a not a right - it is a responsibility

Children not only deserve to learn but to do so in a healthy and clean environment, not a run-down chicken factory. We take for granted the simple things in life; food, shelter, the air we breathe, and the ability to see, hear and smell.  But those simple things are blessings and we should be grateful.  

Fellow author and friend, Dawn Doig has taught all over the world.  Loved by all her students, they were her inspiration for all the books she has written.  A wonderful assortment of stories touching on many important topics that have never received the recognition they deserve. Despite returning to her homeland Canada, her thoughts are with the children in Africa.  Dawn has started a funding campaign to help build a proper school and orphanage, to get deaf children out of the horrible conditions that they are subjected to.  She cannot do this alone.

Please consider donating and supporting this initiative. I invite everyone to give up 2 coffees and donate the $5.00 instead, in fact,

I challenge everyone to match the $5.00 I will pledge (in addition to the pledge I've already made)

Thank you!

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