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Get ready for a wild and wacky adventure that will have kids laughing out loud!

Join Jaxon, a hyperactive monkey, in a lineup to ride a rocket ship to the moon. But there's just one problem—Jaxon can't seem to sit still and wait his turn!

In this hilarious tale, Jaxon's excitement and impatience lead to an ice cream catastrophe! Ice cream cones go flying, causing a sticky mess everywhere. Uh-oh!
Can Bentley and his friends teach Jaxon the art of patience and waiting calmly like the others? Follow along as these lovable characters embark on a mission to help Jaxon chill out and join in the fun without causing chaos.


Children will discover.

  • The value of patience and waiting for their turn.
  • Ways to stay calm and reduce anxiety.
  • The power of teamwork, and friendship.
  • The benefits of paying attention to those around them.

Be Patient #4 (Paperback)

SKU: 9781989486856
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