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Let the wild and fun adventure begin!

Join Jaxon, Bentley, and Toby in this wonderful book about sharing! Jaxon sprints through the park, ecstatic to share his yummy bananas.
But, oh no! One banana bounces and falls right on Bentley the hippo's head! There is no doubt that Jaxon hasn't been taught the right way to share, and Bentley and Toby are up to the task. Sensing something isn’t quite right, Jaxon disappears into the distance.
Follow Bentley and Toby as they search the park for Jaxon to teach him how to share.
Will Jaxon finally learn how to share without any more banana bonks? This adorable children's book is filled with bright and beautiful illustrations that will captivate young readers. Get ready for some giggles, surprises, and heartwarming moments as your child learns the joys and benefits of sharing.


Share #1 (Paperback)

SKU: 9781989486825-PB
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